mail time fun

Got my first WAFA postcard today, from Anthony Zinonos.  Pretty excited to work on my postcards for the group!

always coming back home to you

Despite the varying musical choices I make, I always seem to return to the same few bands.

(disregard that this includes scenes from a movie… it’s the most decent vid I could find)

part fin

This will soon make sense.

I’ve decided that for my Vermont residency, I will recycle an old moleskin.  I need to prepare all the pages.  Excitement!

haunt you like a ghost

I’m not normally a sad person, but I like to listen to songs that are sorrowful.  Here’s one of my favorites:


also this:

fire lit

Finished that part of embroidery I started last week:

I’m pleased with the progress so far!

Remember when I wrote about WAFA?  That has really motivated me to set up a decent Flickr page (I have one for Brown Paper Bag, but not really one for personal use).  Hopefully I will be better about updating this.  When something is not Google-centric, I have a terrible time remembering to update!

Also, if anyone wants to buy me a Flickr Pro account, I won’t be sad about it.

slow your roll

I have stumbled upon the work of Ky Anderson recently and it’s been one of my favorite things I’ve seen in a while:

99.9% of the time I am really unhappy about how my wrist is still not fully healed.  There is that .1% of me, however, that is glad that it makes me slow down.  I have to streamline my current activities because I don’t have the mobility right now.  Did you know how bad multitasking is for you? I read this sort of stuff about the internet and our society and it makes me sad.

art lately

I have recently sent off a big freelance job to the printers, so now my evenings can be spent working on my own pursuits. This mostly includes tackling laundry, but here is something that I started too (gimpy wrist and all):

Think of this image like a venn diagram – the middle will be fully sewed.

Exciting news!  A month and a half ago the We Are Fucking Awesome (WAFA) collective was accepting applications for consideration to join their group.  Essentially, WAFA is a collective made up of artist from around the globe.  They are focused on collaborative efforts and initiatives, creating an open dialogue that supports an artistic community.  I submitted my work + application and found out last night that I was one of a few people to be invited to work with them.  Yay!  I am looking forward to connecting with everyone in the group.

vegetarian with a sweet tooth

I’ve been a vegetarian for the past 6 months and have really had no qualms about my decision.  Sure, sometimes it can be a bit lonely when your friends roast a giant pig over a hand-built pit, but I don’t really mind.  I make this sort of stuff instead and everyone seems to be okay with it:

I’ve also realized that it’s not really meat I miss eating – it’s the sauces that accompany it.  I need to figure out some sort of dish that will be complimented well with some KC BBQ sauce.  I miss that stuff.  Dousing an ear of corn in some North Carolina sauce just isn’t quite the same.


A triathlon is something I had wanted to do for years, but I never found the time until this year.  I trained for months and successfully completed the DC Triathlon last month.  Not to let training go to waste, I am doing another one in August.  I was browsing Amazon for a sportier swimsuit today, and found the most amazing cycling shirts ever:

The more I look at this shirt, the more I justify to myself that I need it.

Also racing related: my father (who has his own running blog here) sent me a schedule to train for my first half marathon this fall.  It doesn’t look as daunting as I would have imagined!  It’s also another excuse to have a MASSIVE food party with my friends.

Wrist is healing.  Nicely would be an overstatement, but it is healing (this is all just in time for a new soccer league I’m joining!).  I have almost full range of motion back but my hand/wrist gets tired from time to time since it’s still a bit weak.  I have also realized that I do a lot of things that are not very nice to my wrist.  Like, writing in a blog 10+ hours a week, and hand sewing a ton on paper.


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