old threads

These are pretty cool.  If they weren’t so expensive, I would buy them:

Threads of Old (etsy store)

Once I finish my grad school apps and stuff, I want to get into making mini quilts.  I asked for a book on it for my birthday.

don’t know when but that day is gonna come

Today it finally set in that next week is my last full week of work before Vermont.  While I am happy about that fact, I have so much to do before I get there.  Eye Can Art will run my life for the next two weeks (more so than it already has! Luckily I enjoy the project).

I have started training for my half marathon.  Finally remembering what it feels like to run, and I think that I will be able to break 2hrs for that race. Too bad the last serious training I did for a race was during high school cross country season.  This body of mine, it just ain’t what it used to be.  Ran 7miles on Monday, felt awful for the next 7 hours.  My knees ache.  I don’t remember that happening when I was 16.

pa dutch

Met with jordan Bernier last week in his studio.  We talked about patterns and the Pennslyvania Dutch.  Since then, I’ve been looking at some of their patterns… neat stuff.  Here’s an especially awesome one.


A triathlon is something I had wanted to do for years, but I never found the time until this year.  I trained for months and successfully completed the DC Triathlon last month.  Not to let training go to waste, I am doing another one in August.  I was browsing Amazon for a sportier swimsuit today, and found the most amazing cycling shirts ever:

The more I look at this shirt, the more I justify to myself that I need it.

Also racing related: my father (who has his own running blog here) sent me a schedule to train for my first half marathon this fall.  It doesn’t look as daunting as I would have imagined!  It’s also another excuse to have a MASSIVE food party with my friends.

Wrist is healing.  Nicely would be an overstatement, but it is healing (this is all just in time for a new soccer league I’m joining!).  I have almost full range of motion back but my hand/wrist gets tired from time to time since it’s still a bit weak.  I have also realized that I do a lot of things that are not very nice to my wrist.  Like, writing in a blog 10+ hours a week, and hand sewing a ton on paper.

tiny update

in the midst of this flurry of activity, I sprained my right wrist while playing soccer last night. Because typing one handed is exhausting, I will post something that I scanned yesterday, pre-injury:

More to come when I can type!

sik sik sik

I know that I did not post yesterday and have no work to show you for today.  It’s because I’ve been so sick as of late that all I want to do is lay down and go to sleep.  I am super achey, so physical activities are no fun.  My head is swimming with some sort of funky sinus infection.

Yesterday I could only muster up enough strength to go to work at noon (three hours late), come home at 5:30 and curl up on the couch and watch LOST until 11 and go to bed soon after.

I am HOPING I will feel better today, but so far it’s not looking so great. BOOOO being sick!

in progress this friday

A special edition of some work in progress:  I kept going on and on about Friday, and this is what I had completed Thursday night.  I looks as though I can mostly complete this piece by this evening.

I redid the original guy because I was pretty unhappy with him. Much more pleased with this particular fellow.


Printmaking was something I never did while in school but have always liked.  I love the integration of typography with printmaking, specifically letterpress.   I’ve been to a few lectures about letterpress studios such as Hatch Show Print and a local Baltimore poster company called Globe Poster.  Both were interesting and each studio had their own sense of character to them.

I think an interesting part of letter press is that the block they use could be many, many years old.  Preserved well, you could use a block for 50 years.   I think that it’s really interesting – mixing history and the contemporary.

I came across this film the other day – It’s called Typeface and is a documentary about the convergence of modern design with traditional technique via the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in rural Wisconsin.  From the website:

The Hamilton Wood Type Museum in rural Two Rivers, Wisconsin, a struggling industrial town on Lake Michigan about an 90 minutes north of Milwaukee, houses over 1.5 million wood letterforms. Currently, these letters are not behind glass or partitions, but are instead organized and available for the layperson or artist to consider, hold, and if they attend a workshop, use for printing. The Museum occupies a portion of the original Hamilton Company type factory building, residing there free of charge to heighten Two Rivers’ cultural status.

I know I’ll be seeing Typeface when it comes out!

(image via the website)

happy new yizzle

Another week of postponing a Golden Books post, but it’s New Years Eve!  New Years has long been my favorite holiday, mostly because it’s the most optimistic holiday.   You can ring in the New Year and have high hopes that the coming year will be better than the last.  I also like champagne.

It’s hard to believe that a decade has past, but I guess when looking back on it, during that time I did finish high school and college.  School years go by much faster than regular years, you know.   I went from living at my parent’s house in Kansas City, Missouri to living in Baltimore!  I went from hating bacon to actually liking it!

2009 was worlds better than 2008, but that wasn’t exactly hard to do.  Sure, there were some crappy times of this year, but the lows weren’t as low.   Three things that I really enjoyed this year:  Seeing Neko Case (in the late summer), traveling to SF (to see Steph!) and driving down to LA, eating a delicious meal and having a nice bottle of wine at the Wine Market.

I really like lists, so I’m always excited to read end-of-the-year lists.  A list I always enjoy is All Songs Considered Listeners Picks.  Currently I am listening to the 2009 list.

I don’t really do resolutions, but one resolution I did make was the get through this stack of books/magazines on my bedside table:

Somewhat of a scattered post, but happy new year blogosphere!


Just a quick post… I am soon to be headed home to Kansas City, MO for Christmas.  I’ll be back on Monday.

No Golden Book post today, but look for it next week!  In the meantime… happy holidays!


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