dog days are over

No post yesterday, so today!

Sometimes I procrastinate because I know I have to paint and don’t want to.  It’s not for lack of enjoyment – it is because I have such limited space on my desk to do so.  I wish my work space was large enough to accommodate such wishes.

In other news, I did a little impromtu cleaning this evening and found a couple of things:

1. an old, skinny brown leather belt that I thought was gone FOREVER.

2. my N64.  I needed that a few months back.

3. my extra yoga mat.  doesn’t do me much good though, because the one I stole is so.much.better.

productive week(end)

Happy Monday, yaaa’ll.  I hope that your Valentine’s Day was a nice one (mine included a pit-beef sandwich at a restaurant next to a strip club).

With the blizzard last week, I was given ample time to work on my pursuits and as a result was fairly productive.   Here is the (for now) finished version of the guy you had seen last week.  I have been really interested in embroidery and did a little line work on top of the paper cage for some added visual interest.

I also did this quick little piece for the Indypendant, a newspaper based in New York City.  There was a quick sketch/final turnaround time.  It’s always a different change of pace to work on something that you know will be printed on newsprint.  You have to bump up the contrast.  The piece I was illustration for was about a Palestinian poet named Mahmoud Darwish, mostly focusing on his poem Mural.  You should look up some excerpts from the poem.  It’s really very pretty.

Brown Paper Bag has launched!  I’m going to start posting TODAY!  Check it out for different artists and other works on paper, as well as good vibes.

in progress cage match

Here it is, some work on Wednesday for ya’ll out in the ole blogosphere.  It’s a continuation of what I was working on this past weekend.  The little man is kept in a cage, so I’m working on reflecting that in this piece.  I still have a bit to go, but it’s getting there.

Only 5 days until Brown Paper Bag launches!!




I had to post this because I’m excited about it! Today was like Christmas.  I woke up with an email from Steph containing our newest collaboration – a poster for the Bowerbirds.

It will be up on God Bless the Tiger’s website soon.

over the snowy weekend

Over the weekend…

I am working on making graphics for all the different themed-days that I post on.  UNFORTUNATELY, my Wacom tablet pen broke (for reasons unbeknown to me), so I really can’t do any work on the computer until I have a replacement.  I looked up the price of a Wacom pen.  $60!!! WAHH!!!!!!

Friday/Saturday was the big snowstorm that all the news was talking about.  It started around 10:30PM Friday night, and when I wanted to leave my apartment at 10:30AM on Saturday, my car looked like this:

Final snow count was around 21 inches.  On Sunday I tried to get my car out, but the snow plow had blocked it in.  Luckily, with the help of some strangers, I was able to free my poor car.

Now, for some work… This piece is my collaboration with Stephanie Leung – the first phase.  Another band poster – for the Bowerbirds.  If you haven’t listened to them, you should!  They have one of my favorite albums out this year.

Our collaborative efforts are called God Bless the Tigers… we’ll have a website soon and have a better and newer version of our blog.  Look for it soon!

a visible progress of my own

It’s Wednesday, a day where I post what I’ve been working on lately.  This week it’s Mona from An Invisible Sign of My Own.  I have a clear idea of what I’m going to do for my first piece, and this is the first step to it – overall, I’m pleased with the start.

Why is part of her foot missing?  I guess you’ll just have to wait and find out!

I will probably (subtly) go back and do a little digital rendering to Mona, most likely as I’m working on the piece.

in progress wednesdays… dia de los muertos

It’s already Wednesday?  The week has gone by so fast! (Not that I’m complaining.)  Here’s some more sketching for An Invisible Sign of My Own, pulled right out of the sketchbook.

I hated the pencil drawing underneath the collage part and decided to cover it.  I sometimes can think better when I’m using scissors and paper.  The drawing on the skull is digital with clipping mask (in illustrator) used for the teeth, middle of eyes, and other various details.  My natural inclination is to work large (well, larger than my sketchbook) and so detailed things like the feature of the skulls are best suited for the computer (where I can zoom in and work much larger).

Also not pictured is some planning I did for an actual piece for the book.  I think I’m close enough with the thumbnail sketches that I can start on something substantial soon.

in progress… for real this time

Look at me!  I actually have something to post on Wednesday.  This guy is apart of that dog project that I’m doing for my friends (refer to an entry two weeks ago or so). 

Again, the basic gist of the dog.  I have one more dog in this series. 

Drawing and doing cut-outs of dogs makes me miss having a dog.  There are dogs all over the place in Baltimore.  I want to pet all of them!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!  For the holiday I am heading to the homeland-northland-Kansas City, MO.  I won’t be bloggin’ during that time (Thursday and Friday).  I just want to enjoy being there without an obligations. 

See you all on Monday!

over the lazy weekend

This last weekend was extremely low-key… and I was completely okay with it.  I really didn’t do much on Friday or Saturday night, which more often than not tends to be a rare thing.  Friday night plans changed at the last-minute, and by the time things were finalized, it was 34 degrees out and I had a sickly boyfriend on my hands.  I opted to stay indoors under my covers and watch In Treatment.  Has anyone seen this show? It’s incredible.  Talk about intense.  It’s 30 minutes of dialogue while two (or three) characters sit on a couch and discuss their issues.

Saturday and Sunday were both pretty sedate.  Sunday was gorgeous out (70 degrees!).  Took a walk down the Avenue for breakfast and later bought a cookie the size of my head.  I went to yoga that evening (after not having gone in over two months) and boy, is that rough.  So very painful for my unstretched legs and arms.  I often feel like I don’t belong in a yoga class because I’m unable to adequately touch my toes.

My only photos from this weekend:



Ophelia looking stoic yet blocking the drama of In Treatment.  Peter sleeping in my cloud-bed.

Now, for some artwork:


Part of a piece I am working on for some friends.  It’s going to be apart of a piece to give his brother and sister in-law.  While this still needs some cleaning up, the basic gist of the figure is there.


Still playing around with this.  I am currently finishing up a book, and giving myself time to play around with this at the same time.  If you read my blog last week, you’ll know I posted this last Wednesday with a background.  I will probably add that back in at some point.


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