rear window

I spend a fair amount of time in my apartment.

I live in downtown Baltimore, the neighborhood of Mount Vernon.  I really enjoy living here – it’s conveniently located and considered the “cultural district”, so it’s always popping up with new little boutiques, restaurants, etc.  (Where else could I go and the employees at 7-11 know my name?) For a long time, the area only wanted small businesses and franchisees to exist in the neighborhood, but with the recent addition of some condos, a Starbucks was put in on the corner.  It was mildly upsetting.

Anyways, back to my apartment.  I have a nice view from my window, but the part of the view that interests me the most is not the Natty-Boh tower far off in the distance – it’s the apartment building across the street.  Our building faces the Horizon House, and it’s just close enough so I can see into other people’s windows, especially at night.  It reminds me of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, Rear Window.  I constantly look out the window and try and figure out what the residents of the Horizon House are up to.  There is one guy in particular that interests me.  He lives on the fourth floor in a corner apartment.  He gets home about the same time I do everyday, and proceeds to sit at the same table for the whole evening, hardly ever moving.  I lately have become more and more interested in the slice of his life that I see.  How come I never see him move?  What is he doing sitting at that table for hours?  Maybe he’s plotting the next great bank heist.  I guess I’ll never know.


3 Comments on “rear window”

  1. steph says:

    is he there in the picture??
    i can’t see him!

    And that picture looks really unreal- like a movie still picture, actually.

    goes with your Hitchcock thought…

  2. JJ says:

    You should Jimmy Stewart it up and get a huge telephoto lens and just become the awesome creepy stalker in the building. “There goes Sara – stalker extraordinaire!”

  3. May says:

    Even though I live in at my parents’ in the burbs, I’ve been noticing through my neighbor’s window that he does some wacky things upstairs every night. My mom speculates that he’s playing ping pong, but I bet it’s more devious! Haha.

    Anyway, just saw Rear Window on TV not that long ago. Such a great film!

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