goofin around

I recently ran out of space in a sketchbook, and I am too cheap to invest in a new one (and too lazy to walk to the art store). I had the idea to recycle an old Moleskin that was only half used.  While still intact, there was one glaring problem with the book – it was from my junior year of college and contained some truly terrible sketching.  But, it being a Moleskin I decided I needed to salvage it somehow.  So, what I am currently in the process of gessoing over the used pages and painting little tests on them, and using them to experiment with paint and collage.

Here are few of little tests that I started earlier in the weekend.  They aren’t great by any means, but that’s okay!  They are just for practice!  For fun! Because, for serious, if you can’t make mess up in your sketchbook, where are you going to do it?


One Comment on “goofin around”

  1. steph says:

    very good!
    i like. And the go very well in succession.

    Also, you are just being plain smart by being resourceful.

    i am often too lazy to go to the grocery store and drug store. It is nice when I go home I pretty much always leave with food from the mother.

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