sarajo frieden

I thought today I would post an illustrator that I really enjoy looking at (and, simultaneously, play around with some of the formatting).

Sarajo Frieden

I first discovered Sarajo’s work about a year ago, through the Lila Rogers website, where she is repp’d as an illustrator.  Later in the summer of 2008 I had the pleasure of being introduced to her while attending / working at ICON 5 (an illustrators convention).

Sarajo Frieden is an artist and illustrator living in the Los Angeles area. Her studio is in an area that borders Thai Town, Little Armenia and Koreatown, which serves as fodder for her imagery and art-making.  She writes,

Using open ended narratives, folk tales, abstraction and the juxtaposition of discordant images, I try to give form to the human experience as I see it.

Her images range from illustrative, to patterns, to somewhat experimental working – which is something I love about her work.  Her characters are sweet and her work is quiet, but stands out with the application of the collage technique and color application.

I am a fan of shapes, and practically drool over some of her pieces, most recently the embroidery on paper, since that was something I had sort of wanted to experiment with.   I am interested in the whole collage technique in general, and I feel that Sarajo’s pieces are at a place where I would eventually want my work to go.

I am done talking about Sarajo Frieden now: I know I am late to jump on the Ne-Yo train, but Closer is my favorite song right now.


One Comment on “sarajo frieden”

  1. steph says:

    practically drool over some of her pieces.

    catch it in a cup!

    i likes when you explain more bout things.

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