in progress

I have some pieces that I have worked on over the past week that are in progress and I thought I’d share.


If you can’t tell from other posts, I like buildings.  Despite my often poor attention to detail, I love all the intricacies that are present in older architecture. I am working on some buildings for a larger piece.  Somewhat time consuming, but a lot of fun to make.  Houses have great shapes.


This is from my sketchbook.  I found these old illustrations I had ripped out a couple of years ago from a Spanish textbook and cut out parts of them to appropiate them into a page.  Just goofin’ off!


Often at work I find myself doodling on pieces of paper I should be recycling.  Last week I had a good couple of doodles going, so I just used the paper for the rest of the week.

This weekend I attended Artscape in Baltimore.  The festival was practically on my street (and in the rest of the neighborhood).  I was originally going to only go to the Charles Theatre to view a film screening of documentary shorts, but ended up wandering through the whole thing in about 3 hours.  Overall, I was a bit disappointed with the festival, put I did find one area of it interesting. It was a  “carnival” of sorts that was set up on the Charles Street – a little off the main path little.  I say “carnival”, but there were no rides or prizes… just different booths that all required audience participation.  Some of them were funny, some weird, and all, I’d suspect, a little bit subversive.  Personally, my favorite booth was a human Foosball table.  People were strapped to these PVC pipes and were literally characters on a large Foosball field, complete with running commentary and sound effects.  It was originally found at Baltimore’ s Transmodern Festival in the early spring.

After I turned off of the Charles Street bridge, I entered the part of the festival that did not impress me – a mash of advertisements from Honey Bunches of Oats, Sensodyne Toothpaste, BP Gasoline, among others.  The booths that held the arts were rather kitschy for my taste and caused me to glaze over the rest of the festival from that point on.

I get that it’s America’s largest arts festival, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best.  I went to Hampden’s Hon Fest in June, and while a much smaller event, was infinitely more fun and didn’t shut down the entire neighborhood in the process.  The whole event, while still a festival, had more of an intimate feel and identity.  It was quirky, and I like quirk.

Look at me, bitter.  I did accomplish one thing on Saturday though – I successfully parallel parked in the tightest spot I have ever attempted.  I had about 3 inches of space to spare between the two cars.


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