i’m an animal

On Tuesday I went to see Neko Case.

She was great!  I had seen her once back in the early spring at the 9:30 Club in WDC, but I enjoyed the show much more when she was in Baltimore.   My proximity to the stage at her most recent show was very good; we got there during the opener, Jason Lytle (who I actually really enjoyed) and just stayed put between stage changes.   She has great between song banter with back – up vocalist Kelly Horn, who likened an enthusiastic fan’s scream to the sound of someone getting a Brazilian bikini wax. 

The set-list, in my opinion, was better than the one in WDC- it included a bit more of her older stuff, including some songs off of The Tigers Have Spoken and Blacklisted.  Always nice to hear that. 

Neko Case has this really great style and air about her.  It all just seems so effortless.  Her show was quiet – the spotlight being on her and her smokey vocals.  She is not a particularly large woman, but has such a powerful voice.  It’s mesmerizing. 

What I enjoy the most about her music is the writing.  Her writing is abstract and non-linear.  It is often not about her.  She doesn’t write a ton of purely love songs, but everyone can interpret her lyrics in a different way to make it meaningful for them .  She touches on themes of abandonment, heartbreak, longing, and mistakes – but in such an elegant way that you really have to listen  closely to appreciate the idiosyncrasies of her writing. 

I find Neko Case inspiring because I wish that I do bring more of what she does in her song writing to my own work – Concise yet complex, elegant and strong.


One Comment on “i’m an animal”

  1. sneph says:

    she’s bad ass!

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