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My relationship with Google Reader is a fickle one.  On one hand, I am delighted by its service:  it tracks all my blogs (including blogs of many family and friends) and alerts me immediately after they are updated.  I have a terrible memory and love blogs, so Google Reader is really doing me a favor.  Plus, having this while working at a desk is essential.  The longer my blogreel grows, the less time spent idly browsing Facebook.

Since I started using Reader, though, it has become apparently what kind of material I prefer to read.  A majority of my subscriptions are fashion blogs – more specifically the “what I wore” blogs.  If you aren’t familiar with this format, most entries are of girls posting pictures of what they wear each day, some little quip about the outfit, and then where they got each piece.

My initial curiosity had the best of intentions.  I have so many clothes as it is that I figured it would help me think about what I have and rework outfits. But, as the months have gone by, the opposite has happened.  I have started lusting more and more of what these people are wearing.  My online browsing/real life shopping has greatly increased.  It perpetuates my need for new, shiny clothes.   I find myself adding items to checkout, ready to pile the charges on my credit card.

It’s embarrassing, really.  I should be using Google Reader for good, not feeding my need for spending.  I should be looking to be come more informed about current events!  Using it discover new artist or see what’s happening with the Orphan Works Bill!  Instead, I wait in anticipation for My Style Pill to update.

It’s rather sad, really.

Non-sequitur:  A couple in the apartment complex across the street is either fighting or having an extremely animated conversation.  The man is half-naked as well.  It’s times like this I need binoculars!


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  1. sneph says:

    nooooooooooooo we say

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