draw squad

I am a doodler.  I am constantly drawing over everything.  Sometimes over things that aren’t mine – on files at work, notes for my boss, pieces of mail that aren’t addressed to me.  I don’t discriminate. 

Doodling is essential, I think, in discovering what you like to draw and what images might be reoccuring in your work.  It is a tool that can help you to better articulate the language you use to express yourself visually.  

I used to draw a lot with ball-point pin along the margins of my paper in elementary and middle school.  Even back then, I drew similarly themed patterns and shapes that I draw now.  Sure, these shapes and tiny drawings evolved as I grew older and gained more artistic prowless, but the interest remained the same. 

A couple of years ago, it dawned on me how important things that I liked when I was younger and the activities that I did matter more than we think as adults.  You shouldn’t write off things as being “childish” or “what I did when I was younger”.  Ideas and interests get recycled and reappropiated in different ways as we grow, change, and learn more about the world around us.   

A couple of Thursdays ago I was sitting in class and was drawing over my notes while the teacher was lecturing.  I drew this little building, and as I drew it, I thought about how I learned to draw that.  I remembered it was out of this book and tape series that I borrowed from the public library when I was younger.  Racking my brain, I couldn’t remember what it was called, but I loved the series, and it taught me a lot about learning to draw in perspective and make things look 3D (besides purely observational drawing).  I finally found the series using a few keywords: Mark, cartooning, outerspace.  Mark was the artists name, it was about cartooning, and one of the covers had outerspace on it. 

Here’s one of the books that I looked at very intently as a kid, and drew from all the time:

Mark Kistler was an educator that later did these instructional books and videos on how to draw.  They were on PBS and emphasized imagination.  Looking back on these books now, they are sort of cheesy to me, but have their place.  I loved the series as a kid, and it really inspired me to keep drawing and being creative.  And, many years later, I am still drawing some of the things that I remember learnng in his books!

Did anyone happen to read and draw from these books?  Or watch the tapes?

Unrelated but important:  Today is my 24th birthday.  Each year birthdays become less magical for me.  I believe that last year was the culmination of birthday excitement – my golden birthday if you will. 23 on the 23rd.  Last year?  Two-for-one drinks at the Ottobar.  This year?  A party at my work in which I will not be out until 8:30pm atleast.  Almost 12 hours at work. 


a few things


Here are some things that I have been working on recently. All just parts of things. Not sure what the lime green fellow is going to be, but it was fun to cut out. The other two pieces have very specific uses. Hopefully I can finish them up sometime in the near future.

last time, I promise


my hope for baltimore

A couple of weeks ago, I ventured to Brooklyn, NY to visit some friends.  I love Brooklyn, and the last few times I have visited I’ve gone to a new part of the borough.   Most recently, my travels brought me to Red Hook.  Most famously known for its IKEA, the neighborhood is a bit secluded.  I enjoyed this about it, and on Sunday my friends and I ventured over Red Hook Ball Fields to sit in the park and eat from the vendor trucks.

The food in from the trucks was amazing.  Cheap and incredible.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one blown away. The park was crowded and the lines were long.  Repeat customers.  I had tacos on corn tortillas with chicken and a load of fresh ingredients.  I also had a limeade and tried the corn on a stick.  Corn on a stick?  It was great!  The corn was slathered in mayo and rolled in a variety of different spices.

I have been thinking about that meal for a while now.  When walking around Fells Point yesterday, I mused to my roommate, Audra that it would be great if Baltimore started to have vendor trucks like that.  There are ample parks around the city.  Patterson Park would be a perfect place for these trucks!  The park has soccer fields, softball fields, a pool.  There are also a lot of young people living in the area that would take advantage of the trucks when the weather is nice and their friends are in the park.

It would be great if this happens sooner rather than later.  While I like Holy Frijoles all good and fine, it doesn’t hold a candle to cheap, great-tasting, authentic tacos.

a redux

mwardfinishedweb2more fancy stuff added on top. your thoughts?

the dynamics of 9-5


Much to my chagrin, I am at work on a Saturday.  I normally do the 9-5 M-F thing, but circumstances beyond my control have found me to be sitting at my desk on a day I would normally be sleeping.  That, or perusing the farmers’ market for some challah bread for some cinnamon raisin french toast.  I don’t work for the proverbial “man”, though, so I am okay with picking  up the slack once and a while. 

Probably the worst part about working on Saturday is that I won’t see my gtalk regulars.  Gtalk, coupled with facebook and google reader, is a very important part of my work day.  I have people in different time zones that round out the work day nicely; it keeps the conversations fresh.

In the morning, I have my east coast people.  There are a select few that are online when I get in to work, and round out my chatting until lunch tme.

At noon, it’s 9am west coast time.  Stephanie Leung arrives at work and we chat until she leaves to take lunch.  Luckily, Laura Davis usually signs on (since she typically works 12n-8pm west coast time) and helps to finish my work day. 

Gtalk is not just a instant messenger – it is a science. 

I want to do more with my blog.

I really like the internet, social media, and, in general, things that bring people together.  I want to eventually expand this blog, and I have think I have figured out a starting point for it.  It includes: