house, not a home

Drew this today… a blue print if you will. houseforblog011

Since my senior year of college, I have been  preparing surfaces to paint on.  I then use what I’ve painted on to cut out shapes and to use them in my work.  I like this for a couple of reasons.  I can control the colors used in my work yet can still do collage.  I also like to paint, but am not a strong drawer.  Painting on large pieces of paper satisfies my desire, but has a practical application.  It also leaves me room to experiment with different papers, mark-making, etc..

I have recently been interested in using old sketchbooks and drawings pads.  I found a few that were from Life Drawing and had tons of charcoal smeared on the pages.  I thought this could work as a good ground, so I used a matte medium to prepare it for acrylics.  I like that you can still see a ghost of the drawing underneath.



Both of these are to go along with what I’m currently working on:

inprogresshomesThe composition will definitely change and I’m going to go in digital to add some line work with it.  That’s the beauty of digital assemblage I guess.


2 Comments on “house, not a home”

  1. steph says:

    a home in the clouds

  2. kseverny says:

    nice print. i like your work

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