in progress

Wednesdays are the days I post my in-progress work.  I didn’t get a ton of work done yesterday, so here is what I am currently working on:


You have all seen these pieces before.  I usually tend to work more of a limited color palate, or atleast my colors aren’t usually this far off from each other (color spectrum wise).  I sort of want to pull them together somehow and make the piece seem a bit moodier and about something.  So, that’s where the digital rendering is coming in.

My guy makes music.  He is insanely talented and often makes me feel talentless. Regardless, last weekend he started working on a song, and by yesterday evening, he was done.  I told him that I could never work that fast.  I think and try and plan too much.  He told me he only allows himself a day or two to really work on one song.  I thought this was interesting, as if that idea had never occured to me.  So, I’m trying that with this piece.  I’m hoping to have it finalized by Friday.  We’ll see!


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