over the lazy weekend

This last weekend was extremely low-key… and I was completely okay with it.  I really didn’t do much on Friday or Saturday night, which more often than not tends to be a rare thing.  Friday night plans changed at the last-minute, and by the time things were finalized, it was 34 degrees out and I had a sickly boyfriend on my hands.  I opted to stay indoors under my covers and watch In Treatment.  Has anyone seen this show? It’s incredible.  Talk about intense.  It’s 30 minutes of dialogue while two (or three) characters sit on a couch and discuss their issues.

Saturday and Sunday were both pretty sedate.  Sunday was gorgeous out (70 degrees!).  Took a walk down the Avenue for breakfast and later bought a cookie the size of my head.  I went to yoga that evening (after not having gone in over two months) and boy, is that rough.  So very painful for my unstretched legs and arms.  I often feel like I don’t belong in a yoga class because I’m unable to adequately touch my toes.

My only photos from this weekend:



Ophelia looking stoic yet blocking the drama of In Treatment.  Peter sleeping in my cloud-bed.

Now, for some artwork:


Part of a piece I am working on for some friends.  It’s going to be apart of a piece to give his brother and sister in-law.  While this still needs some cleaning up, the basic gist of the figure is there.


Still playing around with this.  I am currently finishing up a book, and giving myself time to play around with this at the same time.  If you read my blog last week, you’ll know I posted this last Wednesday with a background.  I will probably add that back in at some point.


One Comment on “over the lazy weekend”

  1. Shannon says:

    Enzo! I just want to pet him.

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