an awesome book

My birthday was in September.  I turned 24.  Usually my even-numbered birthdays aren’t that great.  I wasn’t expecting much from 24, but it turned out to be pretty great.  My dearest friend Steph sent me a great birthday gift that included this great book.   An Awesome Book, if you will, by Dallas Clayton.

An Awesome Book, despite its wonder illustrations, is also a book with a good cause.  It’s apart of Awesome World Foundation, which is a non-profit organization to promote child literacy in the US and worldwide.   For every one book sold, one book is delivered directly to shelters, schools, hospitals, etc.

I love the careful lines and imaginative illustrations.

Dallas_Clayton_PAGE_2 copy

Dallas_Clayton_PAGE_3 copy

Dallas_Clayton_PAGE_6 copy

Dallas_Clayton_PAGE_20 copy

Dallas_Clayton_PAGE_23 copy

The detail in the book is great- something to really spend some time looking at.  It’s a book that’s both fun for kids will interest adults as well.  When that can be achieved, I think you have a really successful book.


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