over the weekend… #musicmonday

Last was a lazy week in art-making!  This weekend continued it.  I went to happy hour on Friday and then out later that night;  I spent part of Saturday doing a favor for someone (not post-worthy), and then Sunday I slept half the day away, went to a clothing swap (where I picked up a couple of neato items of clothing), and played Taboo via  the Random Taboo Cards website.

Since I have very little to show for myself and these past couple of days, I will post something that might be of interest – my last.fm.  I like stats and I like tracking things.  Last.fm does this for me and I can see what my friends are listening to as well.  I’ve had this thing since 2005 and have almost listened to 50,000 tracks.  Neko Case is the top, of course:


Here is what I listened to last week, which isn’t terribly different from my overall list:


And Lady Gaga, has anyone listened to her new single, Bad Romance?  (What am I saying? Of course you have!)  If you haven’t, watch the video.  It’s incredible.  Beautiful and crazy.  I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, Lady Gaga.


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