in progress…reading

As you might have read, I’m going to be applying to an MFA program in the future.  I wanted time to work on my portfolio and to create a new body of work to apply with. 

For my senior thesis, I illustrated short stories based on Aimee Bender’s book The Girl in the Flammable Skirt.  I loved reading the book and enjoyed illustrating the stories even more.  Her writing lends itself well to the type of images that I like to make. 

I was reminded of Aimee Bender recently after a friend from college (who helped me with my thesis) sent me part of Aimee’s writing that had appeared in the Washington Post.  I had forgetten how much I enjoyed reading the prose, so I promptly ordered An Invisible Sign of My Own, a novel.   I started the book and thought it’d be perfect for me to work with on my porfolio.  The novel has a certain whimsy to it, but also deals with issues such as cancer, death and loss in a quietly heart-breaking way. 

So, that’s what I did this past week.  I’ve been reading to try and finish this book.  I’m excited to start working on images and really delving into the text. 

Upon searching for this novel, I learned that the book is actually being made into a movie.  With Jessica Alba.  BARF.  If there is one Hollywood actress I dislike, it’s her.  I think she makes terrible films.  I am saddened.


One Comment on “in progress…reading”

  1. steph says:

    hahah i love you.


    i’m jessica alba, and like megan fox or jessica biel, I’m going to complain I don’t get good parts because I’m sexy and hot.


    kidding. I am sure they are nice people. And that I am not being empathetic to the true struggles of a good looker actress in Hollywood.

    Jerk is me.

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