beautiful teas

Having never been a big tea drinker, I would always decline when my boyfriend offered me a cup of tea in the morning.   Having come from a family of avid tea drinkers, he’s been drinking it for most of his life.  Eventually he got the better of me and I broke down and tried a cup (after having been prepared correctly*).   Since then, I’ve been hooked on black teas.

During my lunch break today, I walked to one of the nearest cafes and bought a cup of tea.  I immediately noticed the beautiful design of the tea bags – from Harney and Sons.  The design is very elegant and visually stunning – clean, yet not boring.  I love patterns, and I think the packaging makes excellent use of a pattern to brand the tea, but not overwhelm the viewer.

Does nice design make something taste better than it already is?  I’d wager so.

* Black tea with a bit of (whole) milk and a few spoonfuls of sugar


One Comment on “beautiful teas”

  1. Elodie says:

    I am a huge tea drinker and a sucker for nice packaging, it looks so nice! Now, if you forgive me, I am going to get my tea fix. : )

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