Artist Fridays: Jillian Tamaki | Guest Blog- Stephanie Leung

Sara and I like stories about people.  How did we get to Jillian Tamaki? I remember rummaging the internet looking at Sam Weber’s website. It was my first time looking at his work and I had been introduced to him via stories that Sara would relay to me. Sam Weber is a well-known illustrator and happened to guest teach a class that she was taking at the time.  The only things that I can recall about him now was his self deprecating humor and mentions of his wife.  So, wife!  As I look through Mr. Weber’s site I see mention of a Jillian Tamaki and then it was a dot, dot, dot, —-jump—jump—jump– CONNECT! This is the wifey! She’s an illustrator too! Wahoooo.

And I was really blown away by her work. Jeez, if there’s anything that gets me, it’s artist couples.

There’s something about her markmaking. When I can sense the repetitious lines of  pencil or pen, the pull in a brush mark, the wash of ink, or the rub of graphite, it fills me up like a good meal.  Her work is a mix of digital work and hand work and hey, I say that’s great. Work with it all, or even just some, just make it work for you.

Jillian Tamaki has a sketchblog and I appreciate that it’s mostly just for her. Comments were never enabled; she just wanted a place to post process and sketch work daily.  She has a snarky sense of humor. I do enjoy it. Her humor also has a perfect outlet in comics.  It’s the combination of humor fitted to the right context and the ability to tell a story that makes it work.

Jillian Tamaki has a graphic novel out called Skim. I would highly recommend it. Or if you live in the vicinity of Sara Barnes you can ask to borrow it. Just kidding.  I kid, I kid.  So long!


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