mostly monday

Today has a below-average Monday.  It’s always hard to get up after having a couple days off, but that coupled with, rain (in which I had no umbrella) and a mediocre work day has led me to indulging my desire to read more passive-aggressive notes here.

I finished An Invisible Sign of My Own this weekend.  I enjoyed it, although I will need to go back and reread parts of it in order to get a better understanding of it as a whole.  I didn’t like this book as much as The Girl in the Flammable Skirt, perhaps because there was less surrealism and whimsy in this book as there were the short stories.    (The topic of whimsy has come up recently in my circle of peers.  Anti-whimsy.  I think whimsy can work when it’s not the only thing a story is relying on.)

The novel is really about control and the crippling effect of fear.   In terms of control, it’s not as much about controlling others, but partaking in activities that help you feel like you are gaining a sense of control. Superstition, compulsion, even arbitrary signs are all sources of it within the story.    Numbers are a really powerful device for her story – a vehicle to communicate sadness, loss and fear.

I’d recommend this book.  It’s a smart, quick read and extremely poetic.  Aimee Bender really knows how to fling that english around!


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