AOL becomes Aol.

I think a decent blogger is one that is up to the minute on the breaking news.  Look at Perez Hilton, for example.  He’s breaking those stories, probably sitting at his computer all day (having started early in te morning) just so he can be the first to report on a celebrity scoop.

I, unfortunately, am not that sort of blogger.  I’m not sure if it’s quite necessary for the kind of blog I have.  Regardless, I’m sure most of you have seen this out there already, but I find it very compelling so I thought I’d share the link. 

AOL becomes Aol.

The Brand New blog is a blog that compares old logos and idenities with the new redesigned ones.  The link above gives a great analysis of the new logo of AOL-  The company is breaking away from Time Warner (whom its been linked to for many, many years) and on December 10th will be on its own again… with its new logo.  I personally wasn’t crazy for their old logo but really dislike their new one. 

The Aol.  is paired with a myriad of pictures and is revealed through those images (which I find pretty generic and not at all engaging).  A large problem with the idenity in that it is a san-serif font (that anyone with a computer would have), and you’d then be able to slap Aol. onto any number of pictures (as was pointed out in Brand New’s review).  I can just see a site like Something Awful having fun with it. 

What happened to AOL?  I used the program in elementary school and loved it (and will always have a soft spot for my old AOL days)!  I used AOL Instant Messenger up until the time that I left for college.  It sort of dropped off the radar for me.  I moved on.  AOL didn’t really get any better and eventually became a free, probably in attempts to keep up with competitors.  The innovation and magic was gone at this point.  It looks as though that’s trying to be regained, but with this current reveal of their new identity, I’m not impressed.


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