a day late and a dollar short

It seems often that I fall off the blogging wagon.  An extended break and a busy work day gave me very little time to post yesterday.  So, today I return on the proverbial wagon.

Thanksgiving was nice – I saw my family, had delicious food, melted my brain with horrible television.  The weather was great (in the 60’s and 70’s… which is also very discerning given that it’s November).  Back in Baltimore, back to business though.

You know how I finished that book?  An Invisible Sign of My Own?  I started sketching for the main character Mona.  I have a habit of drawing my girls with long hair, but this time I opted for a shorter haircut (slightly).

The book is essentially about control, and what those that are grieving or scared use to give themselves a source of relief and and sense of control over parts of their lives in which they can’t.  I like hand letters, so I was playing around some different hand-drawn type.


One Comment on “a day late and a dollar short”

  1. sneph says:

    she looks awesome!

    i should be friends with her!

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