in progress wednesdays… dia de los muertos

It’s already Wednesday?  The week has gone by so fast! (Not that I’m complaining.)  Here’s some more sketching for An Invisible Sign of My Own, pulled right out of the sketchbook.

I hated the pencil drawing underneath the collage part and decided to cover it.  I sometimes can think better when I’m using scissors and paper.  The drawing on the skull is digital with clipping mask (in illustrator) used for the teeth, middle of eyes, and other various details.  My natural inclination is to work large (well, larger than my sketchbook) and so detailed things like the feature of the skulls are best suited for the computer (where I can zoom in and work much larger).

Also not pictured is some planning I did for an actual piece for the book.  I think I’m close enough with the thumbnail sketches that I can start on something substantial soon.


One Comment on “in progress wednesdays… dia de los muertos”

  1. sneph says:

    this book is giving you some gooooooooooood tasting fuel

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