fine art day

I work super close to downtown Baltimore, and never take advantage of the fact that I am within easy walking distance of the Walters Art Museum and countless other galleries that dot Charles Street.

It’s been beautiful out, and through my blogs I saw that the C. Grimaldis Gallery was having a portion of Grace Hartigan’s work – Grace Hartigan: A Life of Painting. She was an American painter that is recently deceased. She was apart of the the New York School, working in abstract expressionism and eventually moving to Baltimore and later becoming the director of the Hoffberger Graduate School of Painting at MICA.

The following images, of the the gallery, are from Bmore Art Blog:

I really wasn’t super familiar with Grace Hartigan’s work before, but I think that there are some interesting aspects to it.  Although she ran with a group of painters that were a bit more abstract, her work is surprisingly figurative, even in her abstraction.  The figures reference a number of different historical periods of time (such as byzantine art), appropriating them into the modern world based on her application of not only the paint but the figures.

It all sort of reminds me of the beginning of pop art – the use of such commercial and familiar imagery.  I just saw an Andy Warhol exhibit last week, so I guess I have some pop art on the brain.  After reading more about Grace Hartigan, though, I think she would hate that I just wrote that.


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