artist fridays: rich gemmell

Well, it’s Friday already and I think you all know what that means!  Today I’m going to write about a UK-based  illustrator named Rich Gemmell.

Rich Gemmell

On his website, Gemmell writes that he’s starting a new body of work based on his recent trip to Scotland.  He writes that he wants to “improve his image-making and inject something a bit different in his future pieces”, which I can appreciate.  I absolutely love how this body of work is starting and much prefer it to his older work – this is so much more complex and emotional.

I would really like to know his technique- the images look to be a combination of collage, watercolor or ink and monoprints.  The lines are so crisp and the shapes have such a nice weigh to them, which is a nice contrast to the line work gingerly drawn on top.

I’m excited to see how this series progresses.


One Comment on “artist fridays: rich gemmell”

  1. Love these! Great find. Thanks.

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