fantastic fox weekend

This past weekend Peter and I ventured to the movies to see Fantastic Mr. Fox, an animated film directed by Wes Anderson.  The movie is based (loosely) on a book by the same name written by Rolad Dahl.

I really enjoyed Fantastic Mr. Fox!  I think it was the combination of Wes Anderson, great animation and an entertaining story that won me over.  I think that this film was a good choice for Wes Anderson.  I had always enjoyed his movies, but continaully felt as though he tended to use some of the same characters.  This was the opportunity, based on the source material, to do something different, although you can still see Anderson’s style shine through.  Though marketed towards kids (hardly any kids in our showing, though), this movie was really funny!

Also, the animation – I loved the textures, characters (with the exception of the humans – I found them to be sort of disgusting looking), and the fact that the animation was stop motion.  I’m always fascinated with stop motion.

Some stills from the movie:

I was pretty productive this weekend.  I’ll post some of my work on Wednesday.  In the meantime, you should see this movie.  Go to a matinee so it won’t cost as much.


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