brought to you by css

This isn’t much of a post at all-  I have purchased the option to edit my CSS on my blog, so that’s what I’m going to try and devote most of my day to doing.  Hopefully by the end of this weekend I will have a revamp for my blog.

CSS is fun – pretty easy to learn and powerful!  You should all do yourselves a favor and become quasi-familiar with it.

EDIT: As you can see, the layout is very plain right now and some things break.  I’m working on it!


One Comment on “brought to you by css”

  1. Elodie says:

    Congrats on buying the CSS option! That’s why I ended up on blogger, I didn’t want to spend my money on that… I’m on a student budget after all!
    I always liked plain and clean layout, but I’m sure the end result will be lovely!

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