over the weekend… mica art market

Sorry for the brief hiatus!  I finally got the CSS thing figured out, for the most part.   There are a couple of little kinks that I’d like to figure out, but for now I’m sassified.

One thing I did over the weekend was the MICA Art Market.  I graduated from MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) in 2008.  My senior year was the first year of the Art Market, and it was fairly small in comparison to this year’s Art Market.  I was really impressed by the sheer  amount of work that the Brown Center housed.  There were three different levels that had work from all the different departments.  I didn’t have time to look at everything, but I did get my brother a nice little Christmas gift.

I wasn’t buying for myself, but I really wanted these cling-on window cats that were available via the printmaking department:

Both cats by Christine Moore.

This past weekend also included an ugly-sweater Christmas party that was super fun.  Sometimes you just need to dance out all your frustrations and worries, and that’s what I did.  Until 4 in the morning.


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