over my holiday weekend

Hopefully everyone had a nice Christmas (if that’s your thing), and holiday weekend!  It’s always nice to have a three-day weekend, no?

This past weekend I was flying to Kansas City, which had a terrible snow storm.  The snow started on the day of my travel.  I flew from Baltimore to Chicago, then was supposed to have a lay-over in Chicago and fly to KC from there.  By the time I made it to Chicago, however, my flight to KC was CANCELED due to bad weather.  Groggy and frustrated, I flew BACK to Baltimore that same night and then the next morning proceeded to fly back to Kansas City from Baltimore.  This time it actually happened!

One of the things I received this Christmas was a new digital camera.  It’s a Sony Cybershot with a wide-angle lens and a whole mess of other manual settings for me to play around with.

Some things the weekend included:

Hanging out with my parent’s dogs, Maddie and Lola.

Trapesing around in snow.  SO MUCH SNOW.  It effectivly ruined many my plans.

I am also excited about this book.  I need to look through it carefully.  I’ll write more about this tomorrow.

It was nice to land in Baltimore last night and see NO SNOW on the ground.   Snow and I are done professionally.


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