papercraft chronicles

As mentioned yesterday, I wrote that I’d be sharing this book today.  Papercraft is a book on the art and design of paper.  The book is a beast – so many beautiful pages to pour over.   In addition to the beautiful artwork that it holds, it’s also nicely designed.

It includes a variety of different cut-paper designs and applications.   The book is a great way  of showing how paper can be pushed from just a surface to draw on, to something more sculptural and tangible.  It’s extremely extensive and even includes a dvd in the back of the book!

I tend to enjoy the type of paper construction that’s a bit more flat (applied to a surface and design oriented) but comes up off that plane to suggest the fact that it is,  infact, somewhat 3D.  There is plenty of that in this book, in addition to things that are tangible item to hold – replicas of objects done in paper.  Papercraft also shows the conceptual side of the medium too, including gallery work.

In one of my illustration classes, Cornel Rubino told us that you’re only as good as your library.  I’m glad to have this book in my arsenal.

Here are some artists that I enjoyed out of the book.

Carlos Giovani Estudio:

Dan McPharlin:

Jean Jullien:

Jen Stark: (Fun fact – she went to my school.  I remember seeing this show in the student gallery)

Julien Vallee:

Michael Velliquette:  (My favorite in the book!)


3 Comments on “papercraft chronicles”

  1. sneph says:

    ah may we be just as adventurous!!

  2. Elodie says:

    Wow, this is really impressive, to think that it is made of paper!

  3. […] since I did that post on Papercraft,  I keep thinking about cut paper and how much I really enjoy Michael Velliquette’s […]

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