over the snowy weekend

Over the weekend…

I am working on making graphics for all the different themed-days that I post on.  UNFORTUNATELY, my Wacom tablet pen broke (for reasons unbeknown to me), so I really can’t do any work on the computer until I have a replacement.  I looked up the price of a Wacom pen.  $60!!! WAHH!!!!!!

Friday/Saturday was the big snowstorm that all the news was talking about.  It started around 10:30PM Friday night, and when I wanted to leave my apartment at 10:30AM on Saturday, my car looked like this:

Final snow count was around 21 inches.  On Sunday I tried to get my car out, but the snow plow had blocked it in.  Luckily, with the help of some strangers, I was able to free my poor car.

Now, for some work… This piece is my collaboration with Stephanie Leung – the first phase.  Another band poster – for the Bowerbirds.  If you haven’t listened to them, you should!  They have one of my favorite albums out this year.

Our collaborative efforts are called God Bless the Tigers… we’ll have a website soon and have a better and newer version of our blog.  Look for it soon!


artist fridays: kelly lynn jones

Kelly Lynn Jones

It’s Friday and everyone knows what that means!  Today I’m posting the work of Kelly Lynn Jones.  I first became acquainted with her work through my involvement with Little Paper Planes, an online store that she helps run.

I’m really loving her collage work! The way they are put together is extremely thoughtful and harmonious – she does a very nice job of using different types of paper, colors and techniques and having them be cohesive.

I’m just posting her collage work on paper, but she has paintings and works on wood, in addition to a few different projects.  Each piece shows the same careful consideration and detail paid to things that otherwise might be overlooked.

all images via Kelly Lynn Jones

golden thursdays with mary blair

So on Tuesdays and Thursdays, whatever I post here is a wild card for me.  Frankly, it can be mildly stressful to rack my brain and peruse the web to figure out what I would like the blogosphere to see today.  You see, I am a flawed human being that is easily distracted by things like Facebook, Twitter, my cell phone, and Google Reader.   I am also someone who loves a plan.  Sometimes, its nice to know what to expect!

Enough of my rambling.  What I’m trying to say is that for the next four Thursdays, I’ll be posting about Golden Books. Golden Thursdays?  Not contemporary Golden Books, mind you.  Vintage ones – books from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  I have long been interested in them and love the style of illustration.  I have a illustrated a few children’s books so I find them inspirational.

If you aren’t familiar with Golden Books, here’s a little bit of background:  Golden Books were first introduced in 1942 and originally sold for 25 cents.  Simon and Schuster was the original publisher of these books, which have (and have maintained) a distinctive appearance throughout the years (namely, the golden spine).

I thought I’d start it off with Mary Blair, who is my favorite Golden Book Illustrator (and one of my all-time fav illustrators).  She had a book called Little Book of Verses, which was an over-sized Golden Book from the 1960’s.  Here are some images – What I really enjoy here are the shapes – so simplistic but so very well designed.  Her technique of dry-brushing with patterning is also something to take note.  The patterning was done before computers.  I’ve seen her work in person, and it’s not particularly large.  I am envious of anyone that can work that small to create something so consistent.

( ^ this is a tattoo on my right shoulder!)

these are via the Animation Archive

mona in progress

Everyone knows what Wednesday means!

Here’s what I’ve been working on over the weekend, for An Invisible Sign of My Own.  I really wasn’t feeling the Mona I made last week, so I went ahead and changed her outfit some.  I really like pattern and creating pattern over these things that I’ve cut out.

This is a detail so you can properly see some of the stuff that’s going on overtop:

This past semester I took a class at the University of Baltimore.  It was a class about HTML and CSS.  For our final, we needed to make a four-page-site.  I took the opportunity to revamp my old portfolio site a little bit.  I’ll post it when it goes live!

ffffound my way into a hole

I know everyone knows about FFFFOUND!  If you don’t know about it, please acquaint yourself.  Much as foodies look at blogs of beautiful pictures of food,  I look at images of the arts to inspire (and consequently drool over).

FFFFOUND is a great resource for this (an image bookmarker) – a random smattering of images that range from photography, illustration, graphic design and fine art.  Once you decide to click on an image, it takes you to a series of images that you also might enjoy.  Before you know it, you’ve started down the FFFFOUND hole.  You won’t get out of it for a long.time.

This site is an invitation-only to post pictures on it.  How do I get an invitation??

Here’s what six degrees of separation can get you on FFFFOUND!



over the weekend… mica art market

Sorry for the brief hiatus!  I finally got the CSS thing figured out, for the most part.   There are a couple of little kinks that I’d like to figure out, but for now I’m sassified.

One thing I did over the weekend was the MICA Art Market.  I graduated from MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) in 2008.  My senior year was the first year of the Art Market, and it was fairly small in comparison to this year’s Art Market.  I was really impressed by the sheer  amount of work that the Brown Center housed.  There were three different levels that had work from all the different departments.  I didn’t have time to look at everything, but I did get my brother a nice little Christmas gift.

I wasn’t buying for myself, but I really wanted these cling-on window cats that were available via the printmaking department:

Both cats by Christine Moore.

This past weekend also included an ugly-sweater Christmas party that was super fun.  Sometimes you just need to dance out all your frustrations and worries, and that’s what I did.  Until 4 in the morning.

brought to you by css

This isn’t much of a post at all-  I have purchased the option to edit my CSS on my blog, so that’s what I’m going to try and devote most of my day to doing.  Hopefully by the end of this weekend I will have a revamp for my blog.

CSS is fun – pretty easy to learn and powerful!  You should all do yourselves a favor and become quasi-familiar with it.

EDIT: As you can see, the layout is very plain right now and some things break.  I’m working on it!