artist fridays: paul rand

Paul Rand

Maybe I’m on a 1950’s/1960’s/1970’s kick (I recently started donning my 60’s style felted hat on cold days) but I recently borrowed a few books from the library.  Both were art/illustration of the past.  One was the Pushpin Graphic (whose heyday was in the 60’s/70’s) and a giant Paul Rand book by Steven Heller.

So, for this edition of Artist Fridays, I give you a classic.  A master in design. Paul Rand.  I try to do contemporary artists most of the time, but it’s really great to look at vintage design – design that stands up to what’s being done today.

Rand created many corporate identities (which are slowly being replaced.  Yale Unversity Press was one of the latest ones to do it this past year), and he and his wife together wrote and illustrated children’s books.  In addition, he did poster design and other commercial work.  I’m sure you’ve seen a Rand logo and just haven’t known it.

I love his shapes.  They are crisp and bright, reminiscent of Matisse.  His design work is smart and very clever.  He’s a great problem solver.  Enjoy.

See more of his work and his thoughts on design via his posthumous website.


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