artist fridays: michael velliquette

Ever since I did that post on Papercraft,  I keep thinking about cut paper and how much I really enjoy Michael Velliquette’s work.   His work is colorful and playful and references things like masks and totem poles (at least that’s what I take from it).  I am blown away by how intricate his pieces are and how nicely they are put together!

If you have the chance, you should check out his website.  It has not only cut paper, but sculptures, drawings and performances.  Michael is fairly prolific considering how detailed and time consuming his work must be.    If you look at his artwork archive, you’ll see that his cut paper was a pretty natural transition from the drawings and prints he was currently doing. I also think that his cut paper work has translated well from those drawings.  It’s often hard when you are relying on the edge of the paper rather than a drawn line, and here is an example of it done well.

He is also in Slash: The Art of Cut Paper (which I wrote about here last week)!

All images via his website.


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