golden thursdays: jp miller

For this edition of Golden Thursdays, I am introducing Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather, written by Dorothy Kunhardt and illustrated by J.P. Miller.

J.P. Miller illustrated a number of different Golden Books, perhaps his most famous being Little Red Hen.  I am unable to find a lot of information on him, but he illustrated Golden Books between the 40’s and 60’s, and the Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather was written in 1951.

I have seen some of his other work where his style varies slightly than the illustrations I am showing you today.  Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather has colors that are a bit more opaque and give the work a bit more texture.  His other style has a softer look with watercolors.  I greatly prefer the opaqueness with the dry brushing and hard-lined shapes.

One thing I loved while looking at this book were the patterns, and the nice balance of solid fields of color with small, delicate patterning.  It’s rather indicative of this era of illustration, is it not?

All images via Golden Gems.


5 Comments on “golden thursdays: jp miller”

  1. eric says:

    I look forward to this feature every week. This one is great!

  2. eric says:

    I was parusing old BTP posts and came to a link to your old blog in the signature line of one of your posts. I come to learn stuff about art (on account of I know very little).

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