golden thursdays: art seiden

For this week of Golden Thursdays (I unfortunately can’t get to the image for the header), I dedicate this entry to my dear friend Missy.  If you know Missy, you know that she LOVES dinosaurs.  I came across this book and not only loved the images and the story, but instantly thought of my dear friend.

The book I will be writing about today is Dinosaur Comes to Town.  Art Seiden illustrated this book in 1963.   The story is amusing – it’s about a dinosaur that comes arrives in a city, scaring off the animals and eventually settling on eating 60 million hamburgers.  What’s not to love? (The illustrations, obviously!)  I must say I am not a fan of the font for the cover/title pages, but I love the tiny mark-making and details put into the animals. I enjoy that they aren’t outlined, but they still have that element of detail to them.

When researching Art Seiden is a prolific illustrator- he created the images for over 300 books, in addition to writing books as well! Originally from New York, he entered the world of advertising with clients from hillip Morris, Hoffmann-LaRoche, General Motors and Hearst Publications.

All images via Golden Gems.


2 Comments on “golden thursdays: art seiden”

  1. steph says:


    i think the trees, trucks and buildings steal the show from the dinosaur.

    The dino just looks like it has a big chest and horse legs.

    • marshmellowkisses says:

      agreed – I love buildings as the dino is galavanting around town. But, I am a sucker for those things anyways.

      The other animals seem well-informed. Maybe art seiden have a great idea of what a dinosaur looked like?

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