the pencil factory

Like many of you,  I adore the work of illustrators like Josh Cochran, Jillian Tamaki, Sam Webber and Christopher Silas Neal.

You probably already know that they all share a studio.  It’s called the The Pencil Factory and is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  What a great place this would be to work!  A bunch of powerhouse illustrators all in one place.

Since getting that space together, they have started to create somewhat of an identity for themselves.   You can check out their website here, and sort of see how their work might play off each other.  You can also view the newsprint that each artist made to promote The Pencil Factory.

Unfortunately, all available prints are sold out!  Here’s some of the works I really enjoyed though.  Check out the artists as well! (all images via respective artists websites)

Christopher Silas Neal

Grady Mcferrin

Josh Cochran

Jillian Tamaki

Ted McGrath


One Comment on “the pencil factory”

  1. kseverny says:

    some very talented artists at the pencil factory

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