consulation: a nice dinner

Last week was full of productivity.  I can’t say the same for this week so far.  Here are the fruits of my labors this week:

To my credit, I have been trying to get into the groove of writing in Brown Paper Bag.  I’ve had some technical roadblocks that prevent me from uploading images to Brown Paper Bag while I’m at work.  I have to do them all at home, meaning I have to spend the time to at least browse images and upload them the night before (or morning of).

This girl is a redux of An Invisible Sign of My Own.  Remember that?  I didn’t like where the project was going, but I did like the one idea I had for a piece of work, so I’m scraping whatever I had before and going for the gold (like the olympics!) on this one.

That hair that she has on now is not actually the hair.  It’s just a pattern and placeholder.

I want to get into mono printing.  What do I need to know?  Someone inform me, blogosphere.  Can I use acrylic paint and water them down?


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