A triathlon is something I had wanted to do for years, but I never found the time until this year.  I trained for months and successfully completed the DC Triathlon last month.  Not to let training go to waste, I am doing another one in August.  I was browsing Amazon for a sportier swimsuit today, and found the most amazing cycling shirts ever:

The more I look at this shirt, the more I justify to myself that I need it.

Also racing related: my father (who has his own running blog here) sent me a schedule to train for my first half marathon this fall.  It doesn’t look as daunting as I would have imagined!  It’s also another excuse to have a MASSIVE food party with my friends.

Wrist is healing.  Nicely would be an overstatement, but it is healing (this is all just in time for a new soccer league I’m joining!).  I have almost full range of motion back but my hand/wrist gets tired from time to time since it’s still a bit weak.  I have also realized that I do a lot of things that are not very nice to my wrist.  Like, writing in a blog 10+ hours a week, and hand sewing a ton on paper.


2 Comments on “racer”

  1. geewhizoboy! says:

    maybe you should paint you own!
    OR embroider a tiger…..

  2. wkwkw..
    the tiger is splitted..

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