time capsule

I was going through my external hard drive today and found this piece of the past:

Top:  Christopher Sausto

Bottom: Yours truly

Taken by our friend Chris Simpson, my junior year at MICA, their sophomore year.  Those guys are great.

My hair was so much darker! No Monroe piercing! No tattoos! A blank canvas.



WAFA was invited to contribute work to Bumbershoot, an arts and music festival in Seattle, specifically street art.  A couple members are local to Seattle and are (wheat) pasting work up for not only themselves, but for those who aren’t local (like me!).

My contribution:

secret city 1

I like the idea of creating a “secret city” or “second city” on the streets… characters that have a narrative that you’d see around town. I had intended to paste this, but just hadn’t done it yet. Bumbershoot seemed perfect.

Many thanks to Vinny for organizing/doing the heavy lifting on this!

Also: A million thanks to Steph Leung for helping me color in allllllll that.

old threads

These are pretty cool.  If they weren’t so expensive, I would buy them:

Threads of Old (etsy store)

Once I finish my grad school apps and stuff, I want to get into making mini quilts.  I asked for a book on it for my birthday.

don’t know when but that day is gonna come

Today it finally set in that next week is my last full week of work before Vermont.  While I am happy about that fact, I have so much to do before I get there.  Eye Can Art will run my life for the next two weeks (more so than it already has! Luckily I enjoy the project).

I have started training for my half marathon.  Finally remembering what it feels like to run, and I think that I will be able to break 2hrs for that race. Too bad the last serious training I did for a race was during high school cross country season.  This body of mine, it just ain’t what it used to be.  Ran 7miles on Monday, felt awful for the next 7 hours.  My knees ache.  I don’t remember that happening when I was 16.

pa dutch

Met with jordan Bernier last week in his studio.  We talked about patterns and the Pennslyvania Dutch.  Since then, I’ve been looking at some of their patterns… neat stuff.  Here’s an especially awesome one.


I’ve rented a studio in north east Baltimore.  It’s about 15 minutes driving from my apartment, and totally bikeable.

I’ve been wanting a studio for quite some time – I hate working in my bedroom.  I sleep there, read there, eat there (on occassion), write there.  Too much burden for one room.

It has two windows, facing south and east.  24 hour access.  Yay! I move in after VT, so mid September.

Also this means I get to browse free Craigslist and Freecycle for furniture.


I’ve been working on this for awhile.  More of not actually working, but thinking about working, sketching on tracing paper, hemming and hawwing over what to do and scolding myself for such a weak inital concept.

Isn’t art great??

I finally got around to working on this piece last night.  I like where it is headed, but I want to add some minor stitching to the top arms/shapes.  I am actually happy with how it turned out, at least I am so far.  I love using unusual shapes for pieces.  I’ve never been someone who can work in a rectangle very well.

I want to have 15 pieces done for grad school portfolio.  This is my… 7th?  I will challenge myself to do it.  I have two weeks of unadulterated art-making, so let’s see what I can do with that.  I am trying to get all my ideas flushed out for that period of time so I can just MAKE while I’m there, and not worry as much about sketching.