chair ridden

Ran the Baltimore half-marathon yesterday and suffered (well, two) injuries halfway through the race. To remedy this, I am now chair-ridden for the next couple of weeks. It blows, but I did finish this little piece yesterday:

embroidery body

I’m jazzed where the rest of the piece is going. Bought some additional embroidery thread on Friday, much to my excitement.

The race did not go as expected, needless to say. The first 6 miles were great – my pace was about where I wanted it, and I ran well with the knowledge that the last 3 miles (a half marathon is 13.1 miles) would be a gentle decent and I could make up any extra time I had added before then.

Around mile 6, I felt a tear in my right hip. It wasn’t just a pull – the pain was sharp and instantaneous. I kept running, trying to power through. Around mile 8, I felt the same sensation. The last two miles were a limp-run. I realized I could still have a decent time if I just kept running, so I did. I finished about 6 minutes slower than I really wanted to (1:51:33), which works out to be about 8:30 a mile. All in all, not bad, but I still cried like a little babby after the race (mostly out of frustration).

I did feel better when a friend pointed out that my finish was in the top 7% of females for that race, so really all my ill feelings are all in vain. It could have been so much worse. This video kept running through my head the last half:


we used to wait

This weekend was sort of exhausting, but fun. Road tripped to Brooklyn with one of my best friends and visited two of my favorite people. FINALLY bought a new Monroe piercing that fit properly, and took the Olive Garden Never-Ending Pasta Challenge with Missy. Also ordered a bottle of wine at the table of the Olive Garden, because, why not?

Traffic back to Baltimore was awful, especially around the Delaware/MD border. A trip that should have taken 3.5 hours took 5. Needless to say, I was ready to decompress, but not before finishing this:

World outside

Conceptually, I like the stuff outside the “cave” I’ve put this character in, but I think I don’t like that stuff outside as much. It’s growing on me, I think. What do YOU think?

brown paper bag

Boy, it’s been forever. This week has been jammed-pack with activities after work. Last weekend wasn’t very relaxing and didn’t really feel like weekend. Headed to Brooklyn on Saturday (excited!).

Still going strong with Brown Paper Bag. Art Together , a collaboration/interview, is a feature I’ve been posting on the site. Here’s something I sent off to an artist recently (like, this morning).

Art Together

I saw Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s in DC last weekend. I was introduced to them by an ex boyfriend back in 2006ish, and they’ve always held a dear place in my heart. Finally seeing them in concert was somewhat disappointing. The lead singer was wasted, and not in fun way. More like, mumbling between songs, making fun of Ben’s Chili Bowl, and lying to the audience. Lame.

over the weekend

Finished this over the weekend:

Buried - raw edge

Buried - cropped

and a detail:

Detail - Buried

My original plan was to have a cropped, clean edge on this image. After doing that, I find I like the raw edges much more. What do you think?


WAFA was invited to contribute work to Bumbershoot, an arts and music festival in Seattle, specifically street art.  A couple members are local to Seattle and are (wheat) pasting work up for not only themselves, but for those who aren’t local (like me!).

My contribution:

secret city 1

I like the idea of creating a “secret city” or “second city” on the streets… characters that have a narrative that you’d see around town. I had intended to paste this, but just hadn’t done it yet. Bumbershoot seemed perfect.

Many thanks to Vinny for organizing/doing the heavy lifting on this!

Also: A million thanks to Steph Leung for helping me color in allllllll that.


I’ve rented a studio in north east Baltimore.  It’s about 15 minutes driving from my apartment, and totally bikeable.

I’ve been wanting a studio for quite some time – I hate working in my bedroom.  I sleep there, read there, eat there (on occassion), write there.  Too much burden for one room.

It has two windows, facing south and east.  24 hour access.  Yay! I move in after VT, so mid September.

Also this means I get to browse free Craigslist and Freecycle for furniture.

too long

It’s been too long, blogosphere.  What’s been happening on my end?  Not much.  I’ve been working on some postcards for WAFA.  I’m almost done making all of them, so I’ll post the set sometime soon.

On the BPB front, I’ve done another round of Art Together.  Sending this out today:

Art Together - my part

What else? Thinking more about grad school.  Those apps are coming up.  Starting to fret.  Also thinking about my artist residency at the end of the month and how starting to get pretty jazzed about it.