heerrooo, fall

Well, I went away for two weeks and came back to the beginning of fall in Baltimore.

The Vermont Studio Center was beautiful and secluded and exactly what I needed.  I was able to indulge my workaholic tendencies and be in the studio all day, everyday. I also went running, which was INSANE.  You see, Johnson, Vermont is in a valley.  The only place to run is up.  I ran so many hills!  I did a 9mile run that had multiple half-mile hills tacked on to it.  Beautiful scenery, but a frustrating run.

A few choice pictures.  (You can see more on my Flickr)

a mass, masked

cut out

my favorite sign

Also, remember when I posted about the Bumbershoot Arts and Music Festival?  Installed pieces below.  I am really pleased with how they turned out!

Seattle Street Biennial 2010

Seattle Street Biennial 2010

I was feeling renewed to be able to have these couple weeks of focus, in addition to return to Baltimore with all the freelance stuff taken care of.  The Friday before I left Vermont, however, I got an email about a project that had never been finished and now needs to be worked on.  Guess that’s the way it goes, eh?



WAFA was invited to contribute work to Bumbershoot, an arts and music festival in Seattle, specifically street art.  A couple members are local to Seattle and are (wheat) pasting work up for not only themselves, but for those who aren’t local (like me!).

My contribution:

secret city 1

I like the idea of creating a “secret city” or “second city” on the streets… characters that have a narrative that you’d see around town. I had intended to paste this, but just hadn’t done it yet. Bumbershoot seemed perfect.

Many thanks to Vinny for organizing/doing the heavy lifting on this!

Also: A million thanks to Steph Leung for helping me color in allllllll that.

mail time fun

Got my first WAFA postcard today, from Anthony Zinonos.  Pretty excited to work on my postcards for the group!