a love letter for you

A Love Letter for You. I believe that I have seen an image of this project before, but it still amazes me.   It is a project by Stephen Powers with the City of Philadelphia (where it’s located), and is parts of love-letters painted on the walls, viewable from Market elevated train.  It includes both American and international artists.

I love the murals that have been produced from this project.  It revives the art of hand-drawn signage, which is a dying art (and extremely hard to do).

They are such a welcome, vibrant part of the urban architecture.  The project also has classes where people can learn about the art of sign-making and even work with the project.

I don’t live too far from Philly… perhaps this is the perfect occasion to buy a cheese steak and ride the train! That, or maybe Baltimore could figure out a cool project like this to implement around the city.  Probably better off with the former choice.

All images via A Love Letter for You.