snap yo fingers

This is a hard piece to scan, so I did a really shoddy job of it since I was just throwin’ it up on Marshmellow Kisses.

I have been struggling with parts of this piece, namely her dress.  Finally got it to a place where I like it.  I am hoping to have some time with it this week, since Sat-Sun I will be out of town.  I’m going to NYC to visit some friends and take in some gallery shows.  I am also going to hit up Baked, a place that isn’t far from my friends apartment and whose cookbook I love so dearly.


take it in

I don’t generally show my sketchbook because I think most of the drawings in it are pretty ugly, and I (rather unfortunately) have a terrible habit of only using sketchbooks for planning, when they should be for exploration!

Here’s a cut-out, paired with its sketch.  Often I am dissatisfied with my cuts, feeling that they don’t reflect my sketches.  I am happy with the progress of this one so far.

This is the start of an illustration for the story Off, out of Aimee Bender’s Willful Creatures.  It is the tale of a woman’s quest to kiss three men at a party – one redhead, another blonde, and lastly a burnette.  The main character is rich and constantly talking about her appearance and wealth. She’s rather backhanded in every aspect of her life.

over the single weekend

This weekend was rather quiet (besides one of my tires being slashed and having to get it replaced) and on Sunday I saw:

I loved this movie.  Highly recommended.  You have a compelling, heartbreaking story about isolation and grief coupled with visually stunning cinematography.  This movie takes place in the 1960’s and is very stylish (of course) with these wonderfully muted colors and wonderful shots.   Tom Ford really has a great eye for setting up a frame.

I posted this last week, but I did some more work on the End of the Line piece.  I’ve been less and less excited to work on the computer, so I’ve been interested in experimenting with colors and materials. This piece has a bit to go, but it’s getting there:

mona in progress

Everyone knows what Wednesday means!

Here’s what I’ve been working on over the weekend, for An Invisible Sign of My Own.  I really wasn’t feeling the Mona I made last week, so I went ahead and changed her outfit some.  I really like pattern and creating pattern over these things that I’ve cut out.

This is a detail so you can properly see some of the stuff that’s going on overtop:

This past semester I took a class at the University of Baltimore.  It was a class about HTML and CSS.  For our final, we needed to make a four-page-site.  I took the opportunity to revamp my old portfolio site a little bit.  I’ll post it when it goes live!