productive week(end)

Happy Monday, yaaa’ll.  I hope that your Valentine’s Day was a nice one (mine included a pit-beef sandwich at a restaurant next to a strip club).

With the blizzard last week, I was given ample time to work on my pursuits and as a result was fairly productive.   Here is the (for now) finished version of the guy you had seen last week.  I have been really interested in embroidery and did a little line work on top of the paper cage for some added visual interest.

I also did this quick little piece for the Indypendant, a newspaper based in New York City.  There was a quick sketch/final turnaround time.  It’s always a different change of pace to work on something that you know will be printed on newsprint.  You have to bump up the contrast.  The piece I was illustration for was about a Palestinian poet named Mahmoud Darwish, mostly focusing on his poem Mural.  You should look up some excerpts from the poem.  It’s really very pretty.

Brown Paper Bag has launched!  I’m going to start posting TODAY!  Check it out for different artists and other works on paper, as well as good vibes.


over a blizzard

Unless you were living under a rock this weekend, you probably saw the massive amounts of snow that the MD/DC area received.  It was a doozy, let me tell you.  The final count was around 26inches and left me confined to my apartment Friday through Sunday.

Since I was home (and no one lives in my neighborhood anymore, boo hoo!),  I worked nearly the entire weekend on art related stuff.  It was nice.  I was productive.  Two things:

The beginning of a God Bless the Tigers piece, for a band called the All Outs.  They are local to Oakland!

Another illustration for the Aimee Bender story, End of the Line.  You know about the little man? That’s him.

One week until the launch of Brown Paper Bag!