computer work

Sorry for the no-show post on Friday.  Last week I was in a blogging slump (probably brought on by an unproductive weekend), but I am back!

This past week I was working on some freelance stuff, including this illustration for LittleBig Magazine:

I also did a little work for Brown Paper Bag.  Images to link back to BPB!  I still have one more image to create:

This weekend’s weather was gorgeous.  I enjoyed a thick slice of the outdoors on Sunday by running in the park and playing softball with my friends that afternoon.  So wonderful!



Armed with two discs of Dexter (the third season IS pretty boring compared to the first two seasons, but at this point I’m working towards the 4th season finale), I was pretty unsuccessful in working on freelance projects last night.  I just couldn’t seem to get anything right.  When I started on this, however, things seem to fall into place much better:

Above:  A project for Brown Paper Bag.  I am sending this across the pond to the lovely Thereza Rowe so she can play around with it.  I’ll let you know when its up on BPB.

Also, a recipe I really like:  I have attempted to turn my diet from carnivorous to vegetarian, and so far it’s going pretty well.  It especially helps with recipes like this, that are both tasty and filling and don’t make me miss eating meat.  Tortilla and black bean pie.

artist fridays: megan whitmarsh

I have been such a blogging deadbeat lately!  Sorry, blogosphere!  The snowpolyse gave me two days off work this week, one being yesterday.  I escaped my neighborhood for the day by attending a decadent brunch with some friends… not leaving time for blogging in the afternoon!

This is my last daily post with Marshmellow Kisses.  From now on you can check out Brown Paper Bag for all your daily art posts.  I will still update this blog with my work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (at the very least).

Okay, now on to Artist Fridays!  I present to you the work of Megan Whitmarsh.  She’s an artist that has made work for some time, and whose website catalogs the years she’s been working, making it interesting to see the progression of her work.   My favorite of her work is actually from 2006/2007, when she used a lot of embroidery in her work.  She has since transitioned from embroidery to sculpture.  It’s all very nice, but I love the insular worlds that she creates with her (slightly) older work.

All images via her website.

in progress cage match

Here it is, some work on Wednesday for ya’ll out in the ole blogosphere.  It’s a continuation of what I was working on this past weekend.  The little man is kept in a cage, so I’m working on reflecting that in this piece.  I still have a bit to go, but it’s getting there.

Only 5 days until Brown Paper Bag launches!!

not dead (yet)

An update:  After sleeping until 1pm yesterday and coming into work at 2pm, I feel much better!  I still sound like a waitress at a truck stop and hack up a lung every so often, but that’s okay!

The bad news is that I fell off the blogging wagon this week.  I will return on Monday for something a bit more comprehensive.

NEXT WEEK will be the last week of daily posts on marshmellow kisses.

As I have mentioned before, I am starting a second blog that will be updated daily and not have any of my work on it (not a personal blog).  I think it will be really fun.  It’s a blog about works on paper (but not limited to) and is named Brown Paper Bag.  Stayed tuned for all the links and good vibes!

Marshmellow Kisses will be updated on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with work and other random musings.

over the sickly weekend

If you look at the post below, you can see the fruits of my labor this weekend.  I finished that piece on Saturday night.  Since that time,  I’ve been working on my other blog.  It’s not up yet, but here’s a sneak peak.  My affinity for brown paper bags has led me to name it that, Brown Paper Bag.  The blogs will focus on works on paper, but as you can see I’m not going to limit myself to just that.

There isn’t too much left to do besides figure out the format of the blog, mess around with the links/font and WRITE in it!  I’m really excited.  Stayed tuned.  Coming to you February 15.

This weekend I also got siiiiick.  We’re talking aches and pains, sore throat, coughing.  Lots of coughing.  Most of last night was spent coughing.  Today I am sneezing and am pained every time.   I have been popping tons of throat drops and taking lots of vitamin C.