artist fridays: amy cutler

While I was in Los Angles last summer, I stayed with my friend Jess.  Jess has a lot of neat/interesting things in her apartment, one of them being a framed picture of a woman sewing up tigers.  I really enjoyed the delicacy of the work as well as the fantastical-yet-grounded imagery.

It wasn’t until recently that I found out that the artist in question was named Amy Cutler.  I looked up her other work, and it all has totally blown me away.  I find it very compelling and so masterfully done – it’s very luscious with rich pattens and line work.  The style is confident and very matter-of-fact, making anything that happens in her world seem grounded in normalcy.

I think I respond so positively to Amy because she has in her work what I want in my own – her associations with dreams, surrealism and fairy tales.

She is an internationally know artist and has many solo and group exhibitions.  She doesn’t have a website, but is represented by Leslie Tonkonow in New York City.

All images via Image Google (yes, for real why does it feel like I’m using Wikipedia to write a research paper?).


modern fairy tale

I came upon this tumblr site today called Fairy-tale.  It’s number of contributing artist that illustrate different parts of fairy tales.  I enjoy reading fairy tales and think the illustrations that these artists have done are really superb.

They vary depending on the artist and technique, but they all have a certain senstivity and surrealism to them that is prominent in the sort of writing that they are illustrating.

all images via Fairy -tale

Andrea Wan –

Sarah McNeil –

Jack Hudson –