fin pt. 2

Sorry guys!  It’s been a little while.  I guess my “I’ll post Monday-Wednesday-Friday” thing fell by the wayside.  Sometimes I just don’t have anything to say/post!

A background added to this piece.  Overall, I am happy and done.  I can’t work on it any longer.  For celebration, I am buying myself gummy worms tonight, even though I went on a bit of a shopping spree today.  Two pairs of shoes and a top – not my normal MO.

I’ve been running a lot more and really enjoying it.  I received my iPod shuffle which is a dream.  It is so light and clips onto my clothing easily, and I sort of like that I have little control over what’s played (other than ff’d through things).  I’ve decided to run the Baltimore Marathon’s 13.1 mi course this fall.  I have enlisted my dad for help in a training schedule.  I always find I need something to work for.  After the triathlon (June 20), I’m going to see if I can find another race between the tri and the half marathon.  Look at me!