Armed with two discs of Dexter (the third season IS pretty boring compared to the first two seasons, but at this point I’m working towards the 4th season finale), I was pretty unsuccessful in working on freelance projects last night.  I just couldn’t seem to get anything right.  When I started on this, however, things seem to fall into place much better:

Above:  A project for Brown Paper Bag.  I am sending this across the pond to the lovely Thereza Rowe so she can play around with it.  I’ll let you know when its up on BPB.

Also, a recipe I really like:  I have attempted to turn my diet from carnivorous to vegetarian, and so far it’s going pretty well.  It especially helps with recipes like this, that are both tasty and filling and don’t make me miss eating meat.  Tortilla and black bean pie.


a look into my reader

The proof is in the pudding, as they say.  If you want to know what I did last night,  look at the top of your screen.  I finished the graphic for the top of my page.

Google Reader is a big part of my weekdays.  I have been a bit better at reading a variety of blogs, but I thought I’d post some blogs that I really enjoy reading.  LINK TIME! – Jonesing For… This is my friend Jessica’s (we went to high school together!) food blog.  She has some great food photography and recipes.  I make a lot of the recipes she posts. –  Sea of Shoes… I enjoy this blog because I find the girl, a 17-year-old named Jane, totally ridiculous in a very jealous way.  She wears fabulous clothes and gorgeous shoes. – Luxirare… Her attention to detail with clothing and food is awe-inspiring.  And, if you want to laugh, read the comment section.  People WORSHIP her. – Jillian Tamaki is an illustrator based in New York.  She updates her blog pretty regularly and has some very lovely ink wash sketches, comics about her bad days, and shows her process between initial sketches and finished pieces. – Grain Edit… Grain Edit is a blog/site that finds inspiration from vintage posters, books,etc from the 1950’s to the 1970’s.  I love looking at this site for inspiration.  The aesthetics of that time were heavy in to shapes, bold colors, and imagery you just don’t see as much anymore.  It’s updated very frequently as well. – Design is Kinky… A little bit of flavor from Australia.  Illustration and design. – idsgn… a design blog with a lot of design news and the big things that are going on in the design world. – Friends of Type… if you like handrawn type, then you’ll probably really enjoy this site.  It’s updated frequently with hand drawn type – mostly phrases and not just the straight alphabet.  It’s a lot of fun. – Mashable… Mashable is a site dedicated to news about social media.  Up to the minute news about all things Twitter, Facebook, Apple, etc.

not forgotten

Fear not, blogosphere.  

My blog might be a little lost, but not forgotten.  I made a resolution to myself that I would blog more, and I can’t lose sight of that!

I have been busy recently.  I was across the country in California for part of last week.  An entry about that is to come;  I took my digital camera, SLR camera, and my phone (with a camera), so I need to get those pictures loaded and together.

To throw those out there (all 7 – 10 of you) the proverbial bone, I will show you what I discovered on my way to meet a friend for lunch a couple of weeks ago:

I love the color of the diamonds – very vibrant and a nice burst of color.  I’m not sure if you can tell what the environment is like around these pieces, but it’s sort of dilapidated and run down – boarded up buildings on a street that used to be so full of life.  Howard street (where these particular pieces are located) used to have three large department stores and would be the route for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade every year.  Now, it is an area often glazed over due to abandonment and crime.  The Baltimore Downtown Partnership is working to make the area cleaner and safer, but this does not happen overnight.  It’s an uphill battle.  

 There should be more murals in the city.  What better way to give people something pleasant to look at (especially while riding the lightrail), give exposure to emerging artists and show that Baltimore actually cares about the arts (it’s getting better I think)?

This particular afternoon I am very full. 

Lately, I have been making / eating delicious food.  For lunch, I ate at Sofi’s Crepes at 333 N. Charles Street.  I had the Thanksgiving Crepe, which I would recommend to anyone (especially my friend Sara. She loves Thanksgiving!).  Turkey, cranberry sauce, and pesto mayo all wrapped nicely in a crepe.  Very filling.  Not an hour after lunch, I was given a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread by one of the residents at my work.  She has made this before and it’s always such a treat! 

It’s also Restaurant Week in Baltimore, and this means that some of the priciest restaurants in the city have prix fixe menus for $30.09 per person for dinner.  I am participating in this.  Tomorrow I am looking forward to enjoying Petit Louis with a handsome date, a nice dress on and a bottle of wine!