dog days are over

No post yesterday, so today!

Sometimes I procrastinate because I know I have to paint and don’t want to.  It’s not for lack of enjoyment – it is because I have such limited space on my desk to do so.  I wish my work space was large enough to accommodate such wishes.

In other news, I did a little impromtu cleaning this evening and found a couple of things:

1. an old, skinny brown leather belt that I thought was gone FOREVER.

2. my N64.  I needed that a few months back.

3. my extra yoga mat.  doesn’t do me much good though, because the one I stole is so.much.better.


productive week(end)

Happy Monday, yaaa’ll.  I hope that your Valentine’s Day was a nice one (mine included a pit-beef sandwich at a restaurant next to a strip club).

With the blizzard last week, I was given ample time to work on my pursuits and as a result was fairly productive.   Here is the (for now) finished version of the guy you had seen last week.  I have been really interested in embroidery and did a little line work on top of the paper cage for some added visual interest.

I also did this quick little piece for the Indypendant, a newspaper based in New York City.  There was a quick sketch/final turnaround time.  It’s always a different change of pace to work on something that you know will be printed on newsprint.  You have to bump up the contrast.  The piece I was illustration for was about a Palestinian poet named Mahmoud Darwish, mostly focusing on his poem Mural.  You should look up some excerpts from the poem.  It’s really very pretty.

Brown Paper Bag has launched!  I’m going to start posting TODAY!  Check it out for different artists and other works on paper, as well as good vibes.

in progress cage match

Here it is, some work on Wednesday for ya’ll out in the ole blogosphere.  It’s a continuation of what I was working on this past weekend.  The little man is kept in a cage, so I’m working on reflecting that in this piece.  I still have a bit to go, but it’s getting there.

Only 5 days until Brown Paper Bag launches!!

in progress end of the line

For this week, I continued on what I have been previously working on- last week it was the mountains.  Over the weekend, it was the waves.  Now, it’s the giant man from the story End of the Line.  His character is rather dense and somewhat of a bully.

The story’s tone is rather sad, so I’ve been using a neutral base (such as the brown paper) and applying some color to each element to mute everything.

He will have a background behind him that I am currently working on.   I hope to finish the entire piece by this weekend.  We’ll see!  I think it can be done.

(Click the image to see it larger!)

artist fridays: mike bertino

Here’s an artist I’ve been following for quite some time:

Mike Bertino

Mike Bertino is an illustrator from Los Angeles (although I think he might be living in Portland now, but I’m not completely sure about that).  I started following his work many years ago (as he was graduating from college) and instantly fell in love with his work.  He has some great imagery –  I really love his visual language.  He also successfully blends a lot of different ideas and characters together in one epic scene, something I struggle to do in my own art.

It’s been a while since I have looked at his work, and he’s changed his colors a bit – they are a little more neon, a little brighter than a couple of years ago.

Check out his website here.




an awesome book

My birthday was in September.  I turned 24.  Usually my even-numbered birthdays aren’t that great.  I wasn’t expecting much from 24, but it turned out to be pretty great.  My dearest friend Steph sent me a great birthday gift that included this great book.   An Awesome Book, if you will, by Dallas Clayton.

An Awesome Book, despite its wonder illustrations, is also a book with a good cause.  It’s apart of Awesome World Foundation, which is a non-profit organization to promote child literacy in the US and worldwide.   For every one book sold, one book is delivered directly to shelters, schools, hospitals, etc.

I love the careful lines and imaginative illustrations.

Dallas_Clayton_PAGE_2 copy

Dallas_Clayton_PAGE_3 copy

Dallas_Clayton_PAGE_6 copy

Dallas_Clayton_PAGE_20 copy

Dallas_Clayton_PAGE_23 copy

The detail in the book is great- something to really spend some time looking at.  It’s a book that’s both fun for kids will interest adults as well.  When that can be achieved, I think you have a really successful book.

illustrator : julie morstad

So I’ve decided that every Friday I’m going to start posting an illustrator that I like and write a little blurb about him or her.  It’s always good to keep looking.  We don’t live in a vacuum.

So, without further ado…

Julie Morstad

I first saw her work on the Neko Case album cover of Fox Confessor Brings the Flood.  I liked the illustration, but didn’t think about it too much afterwards. I was browsing through Book By Its Cover and saw some of her work up.  It was then that I really got to look at it.  It’s very delicate and has many intricies.

stiltssnakebitegluttonybook&tiger7foxes(the neko case cover)

I like Julie’s work because I enjoy that it’s part whimsical, part psychological, and intricately planned.  The images, while surreal, don’t feel frightening.  I think that the line quality coupled with the aloofness of a lot of her characters adds to the feeling I get that these are all matter-of-fact scenes and scenarios with a hint of melancholy.

Unrelated:  There are two giagantic bags of candy that are sitting in the kitchen of my office.  Opened, but it is candy that’s not for me, so I can’t eat it.  Tragic.