Sorry for the no post on Monday, but on Sunday I worked on freelance work all day and didn’t get to my own project.  I made these guys last night, to go along with what I am currently doing:

I love dia de los muertos, so that’s where those guys are coming from.  You might have seen them show up in my earlier work (like, 2008 earlier).

My friend Annie is in town with an ensemble at a local venue tonight.  Annie plays the bass clarinet and is currently living in San Francisco, so it’s really a treat she’s here.

Also, one step closer to the triathlon:  I bought a racing swimsuit today via ebay.  Don’t worry, it’s new with tags.  I also went to the gym at 6:30 this morning.  It was worse than I thought it would be, but that’s probably because I only got 4 hours of sleep.


over the lazy weekend

This last weekend was extremely low-key… and I was completely okay with it.  I really didn’t do much on Friday or Saturday night, which more often than not tends to be a rare thing.  Friday night plans changed at the last-minute, and by the time things were finalized, it was 34 degrees out and I had a sickly boyfriend on my hands.  I opted to stay indoors under my covers and watch In Treatment.  Has anyone seen this show? It’s incredible.  Talk about intense.  It’s 30 minutes of dialogue while two (or three) characters sit on a couch and discuss their issues.

Saturday and Sunday were both pretty sedate.  Sunday was gorgeous out (70 degrees!).  Took a walk down the Avenue for breakfast and later bought a cookie the size of my head.  I went to yoga that evening (after not having gone in over two months) and boy, is that rough.  So very painful for my unstretched legs and arms.  I often feel like I don’t belong in a yoga class because I’m unable to adequately touch my toes.

My only photos from this weekend:



Ophelia looking stoic yet blocking the drama of In Treatment.  Peter sleeping in my cloud-bed.

Now, for some artwork:


Part of a piece I am working on for some friends.  It’s going to be apart of a piece to give his brother and sister in-law.  While this still needs some cleaning up, the basic gist of the figure is there.


Still playing around with this.  I am currently finishing up a book, and giving myself time to play around with this at the same time.  If you read my blog last week, you’ll know I posted this last Wednesday with a background.  I will probably add that back in at some point.

cut paper tranquility

I tend to be very bad at things that involve tranquilty.   I have come to the conclusion that I will never be good at things like yoga or meditating because it invovles letting your mind go and being in moment.

The moment often bores me, as awful as that is.  I’m always needing a backup.  I feel the need to be entertained at all times and to have more than one thing going on at once.  (Currently at work I have a to-do list of six things and four tabs open on my web browser).  I think that’s why my iphone so much.  Endless possibilities to multitask at the most mundane of moments.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that while things like yoga, knitting and sitting in the  park might relax some, such is not the case for me.   Worry not, however, I have  found my zen.  It’s cutting paper.  I could zone out for hours cutting out shapes and patterns with an exacto-knife and listening to my favorite tunes.  I can’t think of much that makes me happier.  That activity is one of the only times that I lose myself in the moment.

I’ve recently started reading the blog called Paper Tastebuds, which is written by a woman named Bryn Chernoff who specialized in handwritten and illustrated work.  Paper Tastebuds is a collection of things that she finds… dealing with paper, labels, etc.   It’s a great blog, especially if you like paper. Last week I saw the artist Karen O’Leary on there, and had to share:



I look at that and find a little slice of heaven.  No matter the painstaking amount of work that went into it, or how carefully and slowly she had to cut, that’s bliss right there!

house, not a home

Drew this today… a blue print if you will. houseforblog011

Since my senior year of college, I have been  preparing surfaces to paint on.  I then use what I’ve painted on to cut out shapes and to use them in my work.  I like this for a couple of reasons.  I can control the colors used in my work yet can still do collage.  I also like to paint, but am not a strong drawer.  Painting on large pieces of paper satisfies my desire, but has a practical application.  It also leaves me room to experiment with different papers, mark-making, etc..

I have recently been interested in using old sketchbooks and drawings pads.  I found a few that were from Life Drawing and had tons of charcoal smeared on the pages.  I thought this could work as a good ground, so I used a matte medium to prepare it for acrylics.  I like that you can still see a ghost of the drawing underneath.



Both of these are to go along with what I’m currently working on:

inprogresshomesThe composition will definitely change and I’m going to go in digital to add some line work with it.  That’s the beauty of digital assemblage I guess.