snap yo fingers

This is a hard piece to scan, so I did a really shoddy job of it since I was just throwin’ it up on Marshmellow Kisses.

I have been struggling with parts of this piece, namely her dress.  Finally got it to a place where I like it.  I am hoping to have some time with it this week, since Sat-Sun I will be out of town.  I’m going to NYC to visit some friends and take in some gallery shows.  I am also going to hit up Baked, a place that isn’t far from my friends apartment and whose cookbook I love so dearly.


modern fairy tale

I came upon this tumblr site today called Fairy-tale.  It’s number of contributing artist that illustrate different parts of fairy tales.  I enjoy reading fairy tales and think the illustrations that these artists have done are really superb.

They vary depending on the artist and technique, but they all have a certain senstivity and surrealism to them that is prominent in the sort of writing that they are illustrating.

all images via Fairy -tale

Andrea Wan –

Sarah McNeil –

Jack Hudson –

artist fridays: rich gemmell

Well, it’s Friday already and I think you all know what that means!  Today I’m going to write about a UK-based  illustrator named Rich Gemmell.

Rich Gemmell

On his website, Gemmell writes that he’s starting a new body of work based on his recent trip to Scotland.  He writes that he wants to “improve his image-making and inject something a bit different in his future pieces”, which I can appreciate.  I absolutely love how this body of work is starting and much prefer it to his older work – this is so much more complex and emotional.

I would really like to know his technique- the images look to be a combination of collage, watercolor or ink and monoprints.  The lines are so crisp and the shapes have such a nice weigh to them, which is a nice contrast to the line work gingerly drawn on top.

I’m excited to see how this series progresses.

in progress wednesdays… dia de los muertos

It’s already Wednesday?  The week has gone by so fast! (Not that I’m complaining.)  Here’s some more sketching for An Invisible Sign of My Own, pulled right out of the sketchbook.

I hated the pencil drawing underneath the collage part and decided to cover it.  I sometimes can think better when I’m using scissors and paper.  The drawing on the skull is digital with clipping mask (in illustrator) used for the teeth, middle of eyes, and other various details.  My natural inclination is to work large (well, larger than my sketchbook) and so detailed things like the feature of the skulls are best suited for the computer (where I can zoom in and work much larger).

Also not pictured is some planning I did for an actual piece for the book.  I think I’m close enough with the thumbnail sketches that I can start on something substantial soon.

in progress… for real this time

Look at me!  I actually have something to post on Wednesday.  This guy is apart of that dog project that I’m doing for my friends (refer to an entry two weeks ago or so). 

Again, the basic gist of the dog.  I have one more dog in this series. 

Drawing and doing cut-outs of dogs makes me miss having a dog.  There are dogs all over the place in Baltimore.  I want to pet all of them!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!  For the holiday I am heading to the homeland-northland-Kansas City, MO.  I won’t be bloggin’ during that time (Thursday and Friday).  I just want to enjoy being there without an obligations. 

See you all on Monday!

Artist Fridays: Jillian Tamaki | Guest Blog- Stephanie Leung

Sara and I like stories about people.  How did we get to Jillian Tamaki? I remember rummaging the internet looking at Sam Weber’s website. It was my first time looking at his work and I had been introduced to him via stories that Sara would relay to me. Sam Weber is a well-known illustrator and happened to guest teach a class that she was taking at the time.  The only things that I can recall about him now was his self deprecating humor and mentions of his wife.  So, wife!  As I look through Mr. Weber’s site I see mention of a Jillian Tamaki and then it was a dot, dot, dot, —-jump—jump—jump– CONNECT! This is the wifey! She’s an illustrator too! Wahoooo.

And I was really blown away by her work. Jeez, if there’s anything that gets me, it’s artist couples.

There’s something about her markmaking. When I can sense the repetitious lines of  pencil or pen, the pull in a brush mark, the wash of ink, or the rub of graphite, it fills me up like a good meal.  Her work is a mix of digital work and hand work and hey, I say that’s great. Work with it all, or even just some, just make it work for you.

Jillian Tamaki has a sketchblog and I appreciate that it’s mostly just for her. Comments were never enabled; she just wanted a place to post process and sketch work daily.  She has a snarky sense of humor. I do enjoy it. Her humor also has a perfect outlet in comics.  It’s the combination of humor fitted to the right context and the ability to tell a story that makes it work.

Jillian Tamaki has a graphic novel out called Skim. I would highly recommend it. Or if you live in the vicinity of Sara Barnes you can ask to borrow it. Just kidding.  I kid, I kid.  So long!